Warcraft: Orcs & Humans

The human kingdom of Azeroth lived in peace…then the Orchish Horde to come…Welcome to the World of Warcraft

No, it’s not cutting the words from another video WoW is Warcraft Intro video. That is how it all began…

Blizzard Entertainment reviewing a successful game Dune II was thinking “and what are we worse?” and for eighteen months made a new game, though similar in mechanics to the Dune, however, unique in its kind. Since the start of the game, we understand that serious work has been done, as all in-game video in 3D, and with good quality and durability. Even the map of the territory and that in 3D.

The story we are told at the beginning: there is the human Kingdom of Azeroth, lived in peace and order, when suddenly out of nowhere appeared the orcs settled in the East and has built itself on Black mountain (Blackrock Spire) stronghold. Bloodthirsty orcs attacked the people. Rather everything is simple and clear. But as the game progresses we discover new, we learn that the enemy is also responsible, but in other regions, the traitors and other things that we did not expect.

The building remained gonopodium, but without plates…but you need to build roads that “connect” the building. You can build walls, towers and different buildings(main building, barracks at different levels, a sawmill and a forge – upgrade structure, etc.). The only difference is the farm, more farms, the more soldiers you can have. Made system enhancements and most important(!) toolbar, now the cursor becomes a secondary thing. The controls are still keyboards, but now we can take the units in groups of 4 units a little, but still better than nothing. Also Blizzard tried to implement a balanced system that is not based on the same units but rather copies, if quite dry units of the warring parties. For example, the crossbowman would fire much further than a javelin thrower, javelin thrower, but more damage, etc. Introduced a system of abilities (magic).

For the first time the levels were made, where you have no base and you can’t join the ranks of the soldiers, but got a job either and have somewhere to go or someone to kill. It can be called an incomplete RPG, though there are no heroes yet. Now two resources: wood and gold, one we chop, and another collected in mines. So, the developers had a pretty good sense of humor and have funny phrases added to units, with a large number of taps on it. In addition to innovations in the gameplay the game was the FIRST strategy that you can play online with other players. It added to the popularity of the game. Thanks to this feature, in addition to the campaign, was added the function of “battle” where there are cards, how to play with computer and online games.

In addition there are very interesting elements. For example, neutral creatures monsters and bandits that can be found in levels without the construction. In addition, there was a decor in the form of bridges, barrels, crates and cave walls. It has also given the development in other games.

As to the game itself, those familiar with the subsequent parts know that we need to build a base, recruit an army and defeat the enemy in most levels. The choice of tactics became more varied. For example, warlocks of the Horde to demons true demon alive for a certain time and send them to the enemy, etc. the construction of the walls (which was removed in part 2 and sometimes it seems that nothing ), sometimes useless if the enemy has many catapults, for example, your walls to live 20 seconds and sometimes a very useful thing. What more can I say about the game? I don’t know. I first played it a year and a half ago and have not left disappointed, as the game has a retro style, a balance of qualities and a good story. This game is already 100% can be called a full-fledged game of its genre. Warcraft it completed the image of a good strategy, which remained in the minds of gamers so far.

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