Rolling Stone 20 Questions

Rock and Roll LIVES!

You would think that putting together a good trivia game would be easy. All you really need is a large and coherent selection of good questions. Most trivia games on the market, however, can’t seem to pull this off. The questions are all over the place, and there usually aren’t enough of them. Dwango’s new music trivia game, Rolling Stone 20 Questions, successfully handles both issues, delivering nicely focused music trivia while breaking up the questions in such a way that you won’t see repeats.

Each game is broken up into four categories with five questions each. Some categories present you with lyrics or other music-related phrases and ask you to fill in a blank. There’s also a true-or-false category, and a bevy of multiple-choice categories, including one called “2 Legit” that asks you to find two correct answers to a question. The questions are nicely varied, spanning a variety of eras and musical genres. It’s not out of the question, for example, to see a question of NWA’s Straight Outta Compton followed up with a question about The Doors. Occasionally, though, you’ll get a set of questions devoted entirely to one band, like the Rolling Stones or Nirvana.

20 Questions does a great job of avoiding repeat questions by having you download different volumes from the server. While other mobile trivia games have done this, each volume in 20 Questions is good for only one game. You can choose to play that game again, but you’ll just get the same questions again. So at the end of every game, you get the next volume of questions, and you’re on your way. There are 30 volumes available at any given time, and the questions are updated monthly. At the end of the 30 volumes, your overall score is posted to a leaderboard for the other players to see.

While the questions in the game are good, they could use a little fact-checking and proofreading. One fill-in-the-blank section gave us “1991 Gangsta Film Starring Ice Cube: New — City.” Obviously, the answer is “Jack,” but that movie starred Ice-T, not Ice Cube. In another instance, they spelled the name of one of the most popular bands of all time “Beattles.” Ultimately, these instances are a little crazy, but they’re few and far between.

Rolling Stone 20 Questions features a solid presentation, for a trivia game. The game’s interface is dolled up to look like an amplifier or other pieces of musical equipment, but what’s important is that it clearly presents the questions. The sound is limited to a few appropriate sound effects, such as a bit of fanfare when you get a question right, some intro and exit music, and so on. All in all, it’s a good-looking trivia game on the LG VX6000.

If you’re a fan of music who enjoys a bit of trivia, you’ll enjoy Rolling Stone 20 Questions. The way the volumes are constructed gives the game a great deal of variety, and the questions are, for the most part, well conceived and fun.

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