Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor Review

The Hello Neighbor game is horror, which is now available on Android and iOS mobile devices. Before it became popular on Windows, many players have already managed to get acquainted with the gameplay of the game. In the Hello Neighbor horror game, the main character needs to get inside the Neighbor's house and solve its mystery. He is hiding something in numerous secret rooms. It is very mysterious!

Graphics 4/5

Hello Neighbor, the full game has specific graphics. You will not see a cinematic image and real textures. The style of the play is more like a cartoon. Pay attention to the uneven proportions and other items that do not correspond to reality. But this does not make the visual design worse. This is a feature of the game.

Gameplay 4/5

The gameplay of Hello Neighbor is based on the need to solve the mysteries of the Neighbor. The house is hidden in many secret rooms and passages. And behind every door, there is something mysterious. You can interact with objects. In Hello Neighbor for iOS and Android, you can move the car, use the keys, set traps, and get into them on your own. And the enemy uses artificial intelligence. For example, he puts traps in places through which you most often go to his house.

An angry neighbor always prevents you from getting into his house. He has a shotgun that can kill you. He also uses video cameras to monitor the situation around his house. Despite the house's small size on the outside, there are huge rooms and secret cellars inside. Maybe a neighbor is doing some scary experiments there. The player will have to check it out at all costs.

Controls 3/5

The game of Hello Neighbor was developed for personal computers. Only after the full release on Windows game became available on mobile devices. Therefore, the developers were focused on using a computer mouse and keyboard. For a comfortable game in Hello Neighbor, Android and iOS devices need to have a large smartphone display.

Replay Value 5/5

The Hello Neighbor free to play is fascinating and exciting. Developers are continually updating the game, adding new content. For example, you can update your Neighbor's room, add traps, and interactive elements. So many players like to play it over and over again.

The Bottom Line

In this Hello Neighbor review, you have learned all the features and possible disadvantages of the game. It deserves the attention of those who love the unknown, adrenaline, and exciting locations. This game is better than simple arcades without a storyline.


You can free download of Hello Neighbor to your smartphone or tablet to enjoy the gameplay. In reviews, users share their impressions of what they saw in the game on its second or third stage. And someone even managed to solve all the mysteries of the Neighbor. But it is not easy!

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 3

Replay Value 5

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