Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

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Geometry Dash Review

Geometry Dash is a game with figures as the main characters and with figures as obstacles. This game is high-level and rhythm-based which requires excellent timing skills from you. Jump, flip, and fly through the air in this exciting arcade.

Graphics 5/5

Geometry Dash has a unique design which is mostly dictated by its stunning graphics. The main colors are black and neon, and this helps you to concentrate on the moving objects and avoid obstacles. The animations are colorful and vibrant, pixel styled characters look futuristic. Vivid colors, well-developed effects, and all the other visuals are eye-pleasing and capturing your attention from the first minutes. The graphics create a special game atmosphere, which is authentic and appealing.  

Every new level in Geometry Dash has its unique design, which elevates the game value undoubtedly. Squares, rectangles, and other figures won't scare as before, at the geometry lessons. 

Gameplay — 5/5

You are going to control a small square moving forward with great speed, and your task is to make your square hero jump all the time. Jumping is required quite often here - on its way the geometrical protagonist will meet plenty of dangerous obstacles. With every close contact, whether it be a fall on the spikes or a collision of the forehead with the platform, the square disintegrates, so that, by causing the hero's jump by tapping the screen, one must be very careful. The smallest millimeter can change the square's destiny.

In "Geometry Dash" there are two options for passing the level. The first is the normal mode, in which from the beginning to the end of the track it is required to pass it in just one attempt. A little bit of damage - you start all over again. 

And for those who cannot complete all these tests at once, there is a mode with checkpoints. You simply mark the last traversed place during the journey, and after death, you are already reborn there. Convenient, although less satisfaction comes in this mode.

Controls — 4.5/5

There are about 20 levels of different complexity in Geometry Dash. And you will need the best of your skills to manage them. After many failed attempts, users can figure out each track and move forward. But don't worry, the controls are simplified for your convenience. And all you need to do is tap. You should make each tap precisely in the needed time to get your jump over each obstacle successfully. The distance between two obstacles does not change; hence players must get into perfect motion and time their jumps. 

Replay Value — 5/5

Almost every jump, a passed level gives you a weighty reward. For example, for the accomplishments, you can change the appearance of your character, the form content, and if desired - its' coloring. The progress of completing tasks can be viewed at any time in the main menu. 

By the way, with two more signs of progress, you will become acquainted with the level selection - this is the degree of completion of the level in normal mode or mode with checkpoints. It is useful during the game to find out how much you have reached. You can achieve a level of "Stereo Madness" or "Jumper" to mark your progress in the game. 

That's why replaying the game will always be interesting for you. Every time you can reach different progress and develop your performance in the game. With the various missions, distinctive designs for each level, and the opportunity to change the appearance of your character, Geometry Dash simply can't become boring!


Geometry Dash is an arcade rhythmic platformer, endowed with speed. You simply have no choice but to rush to meet obstacles, over and over again overcoming one after another. Prepare to meet a lot of barriers that turn the rules of the game upside down. Do you want to become a real professional? Then you'll have to learn the mechanics of each figure in the game.


Twenty action-packed levels, unlimited user based levels, stunning graphics and much more unusual features. We definitely adore Geometry Dash!

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